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Exercise Caution When Buying Antique Collectibles

More people are beginning to realize the joys of owning an antique collectible. This is an area where everyone can find something that suits their particular taste – not only that, there are potential financial rewards which makes acquiring an antique collectible even more appealing.

Why so many people are are indulging in the extraordinarily popular hobby of antiquing? Well consider the following:

* Everyone can find a variety of antique or two that suits their tastes perfectly. Some people may enjoy furniture, while others collect figurines or doll houses.

* There are books, textiles, toys, games, coins, cultural pieces, jewelry and even lightning rods – there is an endless array of antiques to suit one’s fancy.

* When searching for an antique collectible, there is always the promise of finding a rarity, a valuable, highly coveted rarity at a low price and then being able to auction it off for a small fortune.

If you buy an antique collectible from a reputable dealer then they will advise you whether the piece you are purchasing is guaranteed to appreciate in value. When you are considering the merits of purchasing an antique collectible, this could be an important factor in your decision. Some people enjoy investing their money in antiques especially when they know that in years to come their collectible may be worth two or three times what they paid for it.

The easiest way to avoid spending a lot of money on fake antiques is to make sure that you only buy from a reputable antique dealer. On the other hand, if you know a certain type of antique really well, then you may find some bargains at flea markets or even rummage sales. If what you are considering buying is a particularly expensive piece, then it is worth asking if you can have it appraised by an antique appraiser before you complete the transaction.

Purchasing an antique collectible online isn’t the best way of doing things. This is particularly the case for people who are just getting started on their collection. Even though there are more honest dealers than there are dishonest ones, it is nigh on impossible to be sure whether an antique is genuine if you haven’t personally examined it. However, you should usually be able to tell whether or not a dealer is honest by his or her policy on returns.

A strict ‘all sales final’ policy is just not worth getting involved with – on the other hand, a policy where you can return the goods within thirty days without any hassle is usually an indication of an honest online antique dealer. This type of policy means that they would be much less likely to try and sell you an antique collectible which was not genuine. This is because they want to avoid the trouble of having to return your money if a private appraisal found that it was a fake.

One way of improving your knowledge of antiques and of protecting yourself against purchasing phony antiques, is to join an antique enthusiast club. These clubs are everywhere now so you should be able to find one near you. Antique collecting can be a very rewarding hobby for someone to take up. What is more, with proper knowledge and care in selecting and buying a piece; it is practically guaranteed that you will be making a successful investment.


Getting involved with antique collectibles is an extremely rewarding hobby, providing that you know enough to avoid purchasing a piece that is not a genuine antique.

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