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Dollhouse Miniatures: More Than Just Child’s Play

Miniaturized models of real life objects are often used as children’s playthings. However, many adults also find great enjoyment in collecting miniatures. Crafting and buying accessories for doll house miniatures is a popular hobby that is enjoyed by thousands of adults. Not only is the hobby an enjoyable way to pass the time, it can also be quite lucrative for those who have special talents for making high quality or unique accessories. Many enjoy creating miniatures as gifts for family members and friends.

Adult dollhouse miniatures are often times more realistic than the equivalent child’s toy. While dollhouses for children are designed to be easily accessible for play, the adult version is built in a manner that represents the true architecture and construction of a house. Doll house miniatures come in any architectural style from any conceivable time period. While many of these houses reflect modern styles, many hobbyists find more enjoyment from creating or purchasing miniatures that are taken from past historical periods. Log cabins that hearken back to life on the American frontier of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are quite popular, as are miniatures that represent houses from the Victorian period. Of course, having a house from a particular time period means that one has to look for (or make) accessories that are temporally appropriate. Clearly, it would make no sense to have a computer or television in an eighteenth century log cabin. Creating or hunting down such specialized items is one of the joys of having miniatures for a hobby.

Those who find that they have a talent for creating adult doll house accessories that are particularly well made or have other unique distinguishing qualities may find that they can make a significant amount of money by selling their creations on the internet. The miniatures market is booming, and there are hobbyists who are willing to spend surprising amounts of money for unique accessories. Those who are considering selling their creations on the internet may either open their own electronic store or use a pre-existing sales channel such as online auction sites.

Many adults enjoy building miniature doll houses as gifts for young children. While often young children may not appreciate the value of having a toy that was hand made and hence one of a kind, you can be sure that they will appreciate it when they get older. Hand created toys of this kind have a tendency to become treasured family heirlooms.

Making and collecting miniatures is a very popular hobby among adults. While much of the enjoyment comes from creating or buying components for the miniature house, there is also the potential to make money for those who are skilled at crafting components. Additionally, hand crafted items of this sort commonly become treasure family heirlooms that are passed from generation to generation.

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